Your product UI can play an important role in your product’s success – an amazing UI design can make a product sell well, whereas a bad UI can cause a product to flop. Its the first thing a customer sees when they come across your product for the first time (and first impressions count) so its important to get it right.

However, not everyone is a great designer and in most cases its best to employ an expert to help you with this part of your product development process.

In no particular order, here are some of the best and most recommended GUI and product artwork designers in the industry:

Scott Kane

  • Portfolio:
  • Type: GUI & 3D mockups
  • Notable projects: Antares Autotune, Soundiron Hyperion Strings, Strezov Sampling Oracle, Production Voices Production Grand 2

Voger Design

  • Portfolio:
  • Type: GUI and 3D mockups
  • Notable projects: Toneforge, Have Audio Omnidrums, Big Fish Audio Street Drums, Wavefactory Cassette, Dmitry Sches Thorn, Metric AB

Richard Horvath

  • Portfolio:
  • Type: GUI elements, icons, UX & strategy
  • Notable projects: Orchestral Tools SINE player, Native Instruments setup guides

Darin Leach

  • Portfolio:
  • Type: GUI, artwork
  • Notable projects: Soundiron Requiem Light, Soundiron Antidrum, Gothic Instruments Sculptor, Soundiron Emotional Piano

Ryo Ishido

Frank Flitton

  • Portfolio:
  • Type: GUI, artwork
  • Notable Projects: Big Fish Audio Momentum, Mojo 2 Horns, Apollo Cinematic Guitars, Fluid Harmonics, Korg iWavestation

Nathaniel Reeves


Dry West Design


Additional mentions:

The following are some additional mentions that were suggested to us by the community when writing this article. Some of these designers may have smaller (or less diverse) portfolios or be quite niche but also have high quality output:
  • UI Mother: – a little different to others listed here in that UI Mother is a UI kit store that offers premade style and UI animations

Additionally you can find plenty of alternative options on both Behance and Dribbble so 

This article is by no means the ultimate list of GUI designers in the industry – have a suggestion? Let us know!