Simple & Affordable Pricing

The Pulse pricing scheme is simple and straight forward, just as it should be. A flat 1.8% of your product price (or sale price)

  • – Only charged once a key is redeemed
  • – No monthly minimum
  • – No setup fees or hidden costs





Integrations with All Major eCommerce Providers

We offer direct integration with all major eCommerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce and Squarespace. Get Pulse integrated in your store within minutes – we’ll guide you through the process.

Compatible with all Sample Engines & Types

Pulse can deliver all product types including HISE, Gorilla Engine, Kontakt, Kontakt Player, VST/AU/AAX/RTAS, sample packs etc.

We also offer specific functionality for each of these engines to streamline the installation for users.

Integrates with Amazon S3 + Digital Ocean Spaces

Pulse can deliver files from Amazon S3, Digital Ocean Spaces and many other popular S3 compatible storage providers.

Built to Reduce your Customer Support

Pulse was built to reduce your customer support issues and make the entire process of downloading, installing and updating products completely frictionless. You can finally focus on the tasks that matter – like new product development and marketing.

Simplified Product Updates (Free)

Releasing product updates can be a complicated process, but with Pulse its simple. No need to email customers with manual download links and ask them to extract / install to the correct location.
With Pulse, you simply upload your new files to your product in the dashboard and Pulse does the rest. New customers get the full product, but customers who have previously installed just install the updated files.

Easily Notify Your Customers of Product Updates

Without a platform like Pulse, users will only get notified of product updates if you notify them via email. You then have to rely on them receiving and opening your email, as well as understanding how to overwrite folders and files correctly.
With Pulse however, when a product is updated the customer will get a notification on their OS letting them know that an update is available (this enabled / disabled within the Pulse preferences)

Automate File Copy/Move/Delete Instructions After Install

Need to install snapshots to the Kontakt User Content folder? Or maybe you want to delete older patches and replace them with new ones with new names?

With Pulse, you can setup instructions for copying, moving or deleting files on a per OS basis (Windows, Mac & Linux) so they are automatically processed after files are extracted.

Increased speeds and reduced bandwidth costs (by 50%)

You can integrate your products to be delivered via our CDN (Stackpath), literally with the click of a button. In doing so, you’ll increase potential download speeds for customers by up to 10x and reduce your AWS S3 costs by up to 50%


Amazon charges $0.09/GB and we’re able to offer you bandwidth at $0.06/GB instead (while increasing speeds). No setup required.


Antipiracy solutions as standard

Pulse has numerous levels of antipiracy solutions provided as standard at no additional cost.

Pulse watermarking is a proprietary system custom developed for use with audio software products.


Import Previous Products From Other Platforms at No Cost

We offer the option to import your pre-existing products into Pulse at no cost. You can import your entire database from Continuata or your webstore, then customers can continue to download your products, using the same keys via Pulse instead.
We offer a free “concierge” service to move all of your pre-existing products into Pulse to save you time and to ensure all of your existing customers can continue to download older products without issue.

Supported Products

Operating Systems

Additional Antipiracy

Complete control over files

Product Updates

Direct Site Integration

Upfront Costs


CDN Bandwidth Cost

Blind user compatible


Kontakt full & Kontakt Player

Windows & Mac

$1 per watermark





Up to 3%

Up to $0.25/GB (Cloudfront)


Native Access

Kontakt Player only

Windows & Mac



2 per year ($500-$1000 after)



4% of full price




Kontakt, HISE, Samples & more

Windows, Mac & Linux

Multiple (free)





1.8% of sale price

$0.06/GB (Stackpath)


Developer FAQ

No. We built Pulse to provide customers with a single unified platform that provides the exact same experience across multiple companies and products. If we had different versions of the app, it would defeat the purpose of why we created Pulse, as well as confuse customers and be difficult for us to maintain.

Pulse can integrate with Amazon S3, Stackpath Object Storage and Digital Ocean Spaces. These platforms all offer the same integral functionality such as secure URL signing, downloading file chunks (meaning easy pause/resume), user access policies (as does our CDN) and more, helping us to provide a stable and secure system for users and companies alike. 

None. No setup costs, no hidden charges. Just a flat rate of 1.8% of the cost of your product (or sale price) for each newly redeemed Pulse redemption key.

 We can provide you with a batch import spreadsheet for your product catalogue. It’s quick and easy to fill in and once you send it back we can set up everything for you.

We partner with Stackpath for our CDN. Stackpath has 45 edge locations around the world so when a customer downloads, they’re getting their files from one of their nearest locations in the CDN network.

Using the CDN will provide noticeably faster download speeds, with an increase of between 30% to 500% compared to Amazon S3, depending on the customer’s broadband connection, location etc. Speeds are generally only limited by what the customer’s line can handle and can be up to 250mb/s.

It takes around 20 mins at most to get fully setup with Pulse. Once you create a product in Pulse (which takes 2-3 mins) its available immediately.

Contact Us to Setup a Developer Account